We fit a lot into my last day together in Iquitos.  We head to the floating marketplace first, though it technically is only floating in the rainy season.  In fact, you see the houses on the  water? They’re made to float, so they are still livable in the rainy season.

182 IQ

Next up was the Belen Market, that we had checked out on our first day, because my dear friend Keely wanted to buy a machete like Josais.  And I had offered to bring it home with me.

After recruiting a stall owner to help us find a good one (machete) and towels to wrap it in so it didn’t rip through my bag, it was high time for a rest.  We changed it up this time though, and chilled in a cafe on the main strip (with internet!) instead of heading back to the hostel.

And then Keely and I had a little adventure of our own.  There’s a manatee rehabilitation centre in Iquitos, and we thought we’d check it out. And there were more than manatees!  There were turtles, eels, monkeys and even an otter that was being rehabilitated.  It was an perfect end to our adventure together.


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