The Amazon, Day 4

Today was our final day in the Amazon!  Our time here both flew by and lasted a lifetime.

We started our day with a boat ride, hike, and a climb.  There’s a village near this area of the jungle that receives grants to care for the upkeep of this area.  One of the things they do is take care of a watch tower that provides a birds up view of this patch of jungle/swamp.  I won’t discuss the tarantulas hanging out just about the ladder you have to climb to get up there.  During our hike we can across more creatures, including a whole log full of fire ants.

There were fun moments too.  Josais found a water tree, in which there is actually fresh water inside the branches. We found a giant tree to get the classic group photo, and then had to balance on a small branch to cross a stream.  I think Keely accurately describes our reactions with her face.  Surprisingly, I did not fall in (as I, and everyone else, expected me to).

We went through the small village on our way back to camp.  It was a bit weird to be walking on cement in the jungle, but it was a lot easier, so there were no complaints from me.

We had a couple hours to relax, and then we were on our way back.  But Josais surprised us with one last stop about half way to town. I’m not quite sure what it was — a mix of rehabilitation centre and zoo? — but they had a pool full of piranhas that you could feed, and a whole pond full of giant caiman.  If these guys wanted to kill you, you’d be dead in an second.

And then suddenly we were back in Iquitos. I had one more day with the gang here, and then I was flying back to Lime and then home.


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