The Amazon, Day 3

Day 3 in the Amazon started with an early morning hike, in which Josias taught us about the various plant life in the jungle.  He also gathered all the materials he would need to create a backpack.  We were going to be moving to another part of the jungle today, and so he would be using this backpack to carry all our supplies.

As a crafter, you can be assured that I was very interested in this process. He used to put his kid in one of these when they went on walks. They are sturdy little bags.

From here we took off to the jungle. Our camp right now was surrounded by jungle but wasn’t actually in it. The hut closest in the pic is the hammock hut, and then the ones in the back are our cabins. You’re surrounded by jungle, but you don’t feel like you are in the jungle.


You feel safe.  Like I was walking around in flip flops.


But for one night, we were going to actually sleep in the jungle.  And so off we went to our new site.



Yep, this is where I was going to sleep.  Literally in the middle of the jungle, with only mesh mosquito netting keeping us away from … well everything else.


We dropped our bags off, made some dinner, had a small rest and then got ready for a night hike.  Or, well, swamp exploration.  We jumped in a small boat, and explored a swamp in the pitch black in the middle of the Amazon.

Captured on September 23,  2015, in AMAZON, PERU. Photo: Andrew Gosine


About 10 minutes into our boat ride, Josias jumps out and tells us to wait.  What does he come back with? A baby caiman (think small alligator).  What does he want us to do?  Hold it.

140 caiman

I’d say the rest of the ride/walk back to the camp was uneventful, but c’mon, I was in the Amazon.  Here’s a few of the critters we saw on the way back.

After what was deemed an appropriate amount of time exploring (I would have been happy with no exploring time during the night), we came back and got our individual mosquito nets up.  Again, I purposefully put myself in the middle of the group.


You’d think after a long day you’d be exhausted.  That could be true, but doesn’t mean you’re going to sleep well when all you hear are various croaks and chirps around you.

What a day.


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