San Francisco, Day 2

This morning we got the bus to Fort Mason, and then walked all along the coast to the Golden Gate Bridge. It was beautiful, but we had to make a few stops to by water and sunscreen because it was boiling. Apparently we had arrived during a heat spell.  I had packed pants and jackets because I had always been told that is was cold here.  Instead I had to make time to go shopping to buy summer clothes.

But back to the point, the Golden Gate Bridge was awesome. I wondered how many photos you could take of a bridge, but the answer is a lot, so I’ve tried to spare y’all, and limit it to the ones below.

From here we backtracked to get some lunch, and headed over to the Palace of Fine Arts.

Our next stop was Lombard Street, i.e. San Francisco’s most curvy road.  There were two different bus routes we could use to get there, but we decided to go with whatever one came first.  That was a mistake.  We had to climb the steepest hill I’ve ever been on.  There were many moments that I thought I would just tumble down this road.


It was really steep.

But then we made it to Lombard Street! And it was very curvy.

Everyone had told me I needed to go to City Lights Bookstore, so we made that our next stop (after stopping at some hipster cafe to get more water).


And then we just explored Chinatown on our way back to the hostel.  This would also be when I picked up some more weather appropriate clothes, because it was steaming.

But all in all, one awesome day.


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