San Francisco, Day 1

Remember my friend Aidan who I recently met in Ottawa?  Well she was getting married in Washington State near the Canadian border and I had decided to go.

Let’s back up a little.  Aidan and her then boyfriend Cam came to Ireland together for a semester abroad. They knew Janetta from school, and so she decided to go to Ireland as well.  I met them my first night in Dublin, along with Kate who was from Virginia.  We did lots of travelling together, and became lifelong friends.  I think you’re all caught up now.


Kate, Janetta, Aidan, Cam & me circa 2011

So Aidan and Cam were getting married, and Janetta, Kate & I were all going to go.  But if I was going to fly all the way out to the west coast, you bet I was going to do some additional traveling.  Kate couldn’t get any more time off work, but Janetta was able to, so we went to San Francisco for 3.5 days.  I had never been, and Janetta had only been once as a kid, so I was super pumped.

I arrived a few hours before Janetta, so I explored around Union Square (where we were staying), and when Janetta arrived we headed to AT&T Park for some souvenirs and then over to the Mission District for dinner.  Our real explorations would begin in the morning.

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