Montego Bay

I had never done an all-inclusive resort before, but with our winters getting colder and colder I wanted to see what it was like.  Turns out, it’s the perfect holiday for me.  I can sit by a pool, drink, and relax with a book all day long with no interruptions.  My friend Jenny (who I went to New York with) came along, and we spent 5 glorious days in the sun.  Our plans to leave the resort didn’t pan out, but in the end I was totally on board with that decision.

After talking with all my resort going friends, I decided on Jamaica. And then came the hard part of deciding which resort.  Eventually, after a lot of back and forth with multiple people, we settled on the Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall.  I was a little concerned as the resort was just going to open a few weeks before our arrival and the reviews were saying that they were not going to be ready.  But we kept our reservations, and they were ready!

In fact, we went at the perfect time.  All the Christmas guests had left, so there was always tons of space available at the pools, beach and all restaruants.

There was a small bit of construction going on, that didn’t hamper our experience in any way at all.  In fact, that tiny bit of construction brought us much joy, as we received a gift card to come back for 4 days/3 nights during the next year; all we would have to do is buy our own flight.  What a deal.

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