Anyone who knows me knows that I love theatre, especially musicals.  I’m also a huge Harry Potter fan. When my Ireland crew discovered this, they introduced me to something called A Harry Potter Musical by Team Starkid, which is a parody by an amateur theatre group, starring Darren Criss (now of Glee fame).

Watching this literally changed my life.  I met some of my best friends through a shared interest in this group, etc etc, and all this culminates to the fact that they were putting on a show in Chicago, and a bunch of us were going to drive down for the weekend in order to see it.

By the time we were ready to go, my mom and I had already planned to fly to Chicago the following month, so I wasn’t really concerned about seeing any of the sites.  I knew I’d see them when I went with my mom.  My main concern was our entertainment.

We went to a Second City improv show our first night there, and ran back to the hostel in the rain (I love running in the rain, when you’re with great friends and really don’t have a care in the world).

We saw the musical we came to Chicago for, Twisted, which is basically Wicked for Aladdin (it tells Jaffar’s story, and has a really great soundtrack if you’re into that kind of thing), and was also able to meet the cast. We also met some really great people in line.

Right behind us was Susan and her husband.  They were in the 50s, had each been married before, and spent our time in line telling us how integral Harry Potter was to their relationship.  On one of their first dates, the first HP movie was in theatres, so they went to see it.  They ended up loving it and decided to read all the books out loud to each other as they came out. It was so great to hear about this quiet man freaking out because he remembered about the sword of Gryffindor in the 7th book. They were so lovely, and throughly entertained us with stories as we waited in line.

Asides from our shows, we did have a little time to explore a little of downtown Chicago, and mainly focused on the Bean/Millenium Park. I lost all those pictures in a computer crash, but rest assured, it was great.

And of course there was the many hour drive there and back.  I’ve technically also been to Indiana, as there was a detour off the highway,through industrial Indiana where we all thought we were going to be murdered.  We thankfully lived to see another day, and just had an absolutely fantastic weekend in Chicago.

These photos won’t mean anything to most of you, but in an effort to not lost them should my computer crash again, here’s me with the majority of Team Starkid.


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