Days 3 and 4 were great, but didn’t result in too many pictures.

Breakfast on Day 3 was my favourite ever, based on a recommendation from a wonderful colleague.

And then this turned into a shopping day.  I’m not complaining about it in the slightest (I’m the one who planned this trip, obviously I’m fine with a little shopping), but it’s not fun to just talk about.  So let’s move on.

I did the NBC Studio Tour that evening, which I recommend everyone do once in their life. And then we headed to see our next show: Newsies!


And pizza and sangria after a show, should really be my new tradition. John’s Pizzeria all the way.

Day 4 was another rambling day.  I was told to check out the Merchant’s House Museum in the East Village, and it was terrific.  One hundred and eighty-four years ago, Joseph Brewster built a brick and marble row house on Fourth Street in what was then a quiet, exclusive suburb of New York City. In 1835, just three years later, the house was purchased by a prosperous hardware merchant, Seabury Tredwell, and the Tredwell family continued to live in the house for almost 100 years.Miraculously, that merchant’s house still stands today, and is furnished as it was back in 1835. The tour takes you through the home and you learn the story of the family that lived there and what life would have been like.  Highly recommend it!

From there we wandered around the East End, stopping by the Scholastic Store, and then eventually finding ourselves at The Strand Bookstore.

I did a bit more shopping (I had to get a summer work wardrobe, okay), and then it was time to go to one last show.


It was both a very long 4 days, and also a very short 4 days, if that makes any sense at all.  There’s so much to do and see, so we did our best to fit in all we could.  But there’s tons more to do on my next visit.

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