By now, everyone should know that my major at UofT is Celtic Studies. I’m also actively involved with the Celtic Society and Celtic Studies Course Union.  So when I discovered there was interest in attending the Celtic Studies Colloquium at Harvard University (put on by their MA and PhD students) over Thanksgiving, I was more than prepared to plan a trip for everyone.

One of the members was all set to drive a bunch of us down to Boston, but his car broke down at the last minute, and all our plans fell apart.  In the end just 4 of us that attended; two took a bus, and myself and my friend Kelly flew down (thank you mom and dad!).

The lectures I were most interested in attending were taking place on Saturday, which gave me lots of time to explore Boston. Kelly and I spent most of Friday exploring the city. We tried to get tour of Fenway Park but they were all sold out!

Saturday we spend at Harvard, but we did manage to find time to get a campus tour.  I would have absolutely loved to go here for school. It’s seriously great.

Sunday was spent at both Harvard and exploring Boston – we had come for the conference, but it was also my first time in Boston so I wanted to see as much as possible. We decided to end the trip with a tour of the Freedom Trail.  It takes you by 16 historically significant sites, and that seemed like a good fit for the limited time we had. Can I remember the significance of each site? Not a chance. But it was very interesting to hear. Also, I love that our guide was dressed up.

And with that my first trip to the US was done, but I’d call it a success.