Chepstow, Tintern Abbey & the Big Pit

One of the great things about travelling alone is that you can go anywhere you want to.  I’ve always wanted to go to Wales so I found a tour that would take me around!  I ended up doing a 5 day trip through Haggis Adventures (the same tour group I used for Scotland) and had a grand time!

We got on the bus in London, and I was thrilled to discover there were only 19 of us – meaning I’d get a whole bus row to myself.  Having no seatmates is always nice.

Our guide was really fantastic.  More on that later, but she really made sure we got as much information as we wanted. Did you know the Battersea Power Statoin is the largest brick building in Europe and was designed by the same person who designed the red telephone box? I certainly didn’t.

Wales 1 (1)

Anyways back to Wales.  Our first stop was to Chepstow, which borders England and Wales.  Literally there is a bridge, and the halfway point marks which country you are in.  There’s also a lovely castle, aptly named Chepstow Castle.

Next up we explored the Wye Valley and Tintern Abbey.

The day ended with a visit down (yes DOWN) the Big Pit National Coal Museum, a real Welsh mine.  I didn’t realize I was a claustrophobic person until I found myself in a dark mine with only 1 exit.  Not a fan.  But it was an interesting experience. It’s a World Heritage Site, and worth a visit.  Just be aware you could learn a little something about yourself while you’re down there.

From here we drove to Abergavenny where we spent the night.


Wye Valley
Tintern Abbey
Big Pit

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