Highland Tour, Day 7

Today was the last day of the tour, and I was a bit sad for multiple reasons.  One, I love Scotland, and would like to spend more time there in the future.  Two, I also got along really well with the other tour members.  I was a bit worried before I started, I was going to be spending 7 whole days with complete strangers, but most people were travelling alone and everyone was lovely to hang with.  It worked well.

We crossed the Skye Bridge that morning, and made our way to Eilean Donan Castle, the most recognized castle in Scotland.

We then made our way to The Commando Memorial, dedicated to all Commandos who lost their lives in the 1939-1945 War.

We had a quick stop in Glencoe, to learn about the Glencoe Massacre, in which the MacDonald clan was killed by the Campbells (who were their guests).

We drove by a bridge that looks remarkably like the one from Harry Potter but wasn’t.

Scotland 7 (25)

We stopped by Callander, to see my dear friend Hamish the Highland Cow.

And finally headed to the William Wallace Monument near Stirling Castle. Built in 1861, this is the tallest monument in the world for someone who isn’t Jesus. I had been to Stirling Castle on my last day tour in Scotland, but we didn’t make it to the memorial, so it worked out perfectly for me.

We eventually made our way back to Edinburgh (my fifth visit to this city).

I wandered around that evening, before heading to the bus depot, as I was taking an overnight bus to London.  Sounds like fun!

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