Highland Tour, Day 6

We started day 6 with a stop on the road, in order to get a great view of the mountains in Harris, and the Sea Loch. Simply stunning.

But our next stop at Luskentyre Beach was our real wake up. It was absolutely freezing cold.  But that wasn’t going to stop my new Canadian friend Stephanie and I from getting our toes wet.

We ran into some traffic on our way to catch the ferry to Skye, but still managed to make it on time.SAM_2813

On the Isle of Skye, our first stop was at Quiraing, known as the navel of the world.


From here we made our way to Staffin’s Bay.


And then to Kilt Rock, in which there is a rock formation said to be shaped like a kilt.

We stopped a few more times on our way to our next destination, Portree, when the views were too spectacular to pass up.

We had a bit of a break in Portree, but the views were so good I didn’t even want to go in any shops and miss out. But I was tempted by the windows, so shopping I went.

Our next stop was at the Sligachan Bridge.  Now I know our guide told us some story in order to get us to dunk our heads, but for the life of me, I’ve no idea what it was.

And that was it! We made our final stop in Kyleakin, where I got to watch the sun set over Skye Bridge.

Scotland 7 (1)

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