Highland Tour, Day 4

Day 4 was my favourite day, and not just because it was my 21st birthday!

We started at Dundreggan Estate, which is a site for Trees for Life’s forest restoration project.  Part of the tour was to give back to the community, so we stopped by to plant a few trees.


Next we went to Invermoriston Falls. This river actually tumbles into Loch Ness, and was the perfect morning walk.  We also saw J.M. Barrie’s (author of Peter Pan!) old summerhouse, which gave us a bird’s eye view of the river and Telford Bridge.

We stopped briefly back at Loch Ness to go to the world’s most touristy tourist shop, and got one last view of the lake.

Scotland 4 (15)

Our next stop was very special to me, for they surprised me with a birthday cake! We were at Rogie Falls taking a quick lunch break before hiking to the falls, and our guide pulled a cake out to celebrate me!

And I guess the falls were pretty too.

This was a long day, for we’ve many more sites to hit.  The next one, Corrieshalloch Gorge, I will never forget.  It was so stunning. There’s a bridge you can cross to get to the lookout area, but only 6 people are allowed on it at a time.  It was very high, and more wobbly than I would have liked, but just stunning.  Sometimes natures is pretty great to be around.

Our next stop was Ardmair Beach, a stone beach on the edge of the Scotland. I practised my rock throwing, put a couple in my bag, made a mini stonehenge and then continued on our way.

Our last stop on the mainland of Scotland was at Ullapool, which is where you catch the ferry to the Isle of Lewis and Harris (about 2.5 hours long). And that’s exactly what we did.  We spent the night in Stornoway, on Lewis, in preparation for tomorrow’s exploration.

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