Day 2 started with a visit to Moray Firth, which had gorgeous beaches, and is apparently a great spot for dolphin sightings. It was a perfect spot to wake up.

Scotland 2 (3)

Then to make sure we were fully awake, we went for a hike to a Clootie Well.  Known as a place of pilgrimage in Celtic times, there’s a belief that if you hang the clothing of sick on the trees beside the well, the disease will disappear as the cloth disintegrates.

Scotland 2 (15)

And then it was time for history! We stopped in the town of Beauly to see an old priory. Built 800 years ago, there would have been up to 20 monks here, living off the land.

As beautiful as Beauly is, nothing will top Glen Affric.  It’s the finest of all of Scotland’s glens, and is seriously stunning. We took a little hike over the river, and just enjoyed being outside (which is not somewhere I particularly like to be).

Our last stop of the day was to Urquhart Castle, where we were given a demonstration on life in the medieval ages.

Finally we checked in to our hostel in Loch Ness just in time for a pub night at our hostel.  Isn’t it convenient when your accommodation is literally above the pub?

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