Lakes District, Day 3

We left Keswick for good this morning, and travelled to the small town of Appleby, where we just missed a horse-pulled caravan. They had a lovely market where I found some old cross-stitching books (which I’ve never used, or have any intention to ever use). Still thought it was a cool find though 🙂

We headed back to the car, and made our through the Yorkshire Dales National Park. It was too beautiful not to stop and take pictures, but please note, we were just hanging out at the side of the highway.

Our next actual stop was in Hawes, home to Wensleydale Cheese and Bolton Castle. The Castle was Mary Queen of Scot’s prison in 1568, and open for visitors.

We would have stayed in Hawes longer but it started to pour and it didn’t look like it would be letting up anytime soon.  So we decided to continue on to our last destination of the day — York.

The plan was to spend the day in York tomorrow as well, so it was all free time for us to do as we please. By the time we arrived, I wasn’t prepared to go line up at any of the attractions, so I decided to walk around the city walls and get an overhead view of what I’d be seeing the following day.

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