Lakes District, Day 2

After a quick pick up in Keswick we took to the road to see one of the many standing stone circles across Northern England.  This one was called Castlerigg, and is roughly 4,000 years old! Unlike Stonehenge, you can get up close and personal with these stones.

Lakes 2 (4)

Lakes 2 (19)

Next up was a nice forest walk at Ullswater, England’s mot beautiful lake, and walked to Aira Force waterfall. It’s said that this is where Wordsworth came across a long belt of daffodils, providing the inspiration for his most famous work.

Next up was Lake Windermere, which happened to be filled with huge hungry swans.

We decided to depart Windermere a bit early, and head to the town of Hawkeshead. This is where William Wordsworth went to Grammar School, and also features a beautiful old church on top of hill for optimum views.

The final stop of the day was in the charming town of Grasmere.  Continuing today’s theme, it’s where Wordsworth was buried.  But it also has lovely fields and a little river, and is the perfect spot to enjoy the English countryside.

And while we were in Grasmere, I took a quick pitstop to Dove Cottage (Wordsworth’s cottage).

We returned to Keswick that night, and I treated myself to my first nice dinner alone.

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