Istanbul to Edinburgh

This was really the first chance I had, in my whole life, to travel alone.  All the travelling I had done up to this point was planned by my friends or family, so I wasn’t sure how this was going to go.

So I came up with a plan.  I was going to spend the next three weeks doing tours across the Lakes District in the UK, in the Scottish highlands, and across Wales, and in between the tours I would try to amuse myself. At the end of the tours I would have a week to myself, and then my mom was going to join me for two weeks.

I figured this way I could slowly ease into being comfortably travelling alone, and maybe even give me a chance to read some guide books.  Instead, I discovered I really hate reading guide books.

Anyways, to start this next adventure off, I flew from Istanbul to London. I’ve no idea why, but they gave me a lot of trouble at the airport as I was trying to leave the country.  The check in desk wouldn’t give me a boarding pass, until the lady behind me spoke to them on my behalf.  She was my saviour. But then while waiting in line to board, security guards came over with a blacklight to check my passport.  At this point I was fed up.  C’mon I was trying to leave Turkey, not stay!  Not a great start to travelling alone.

I eventually made it to London, then caught another flight to Edinburgh. My seat mate thought it was amusing that I was traveling to Scotland in order to visit England, but the Lakes District is geographically closer to Scotland so to Scotland I went.

It was nice returning to a city I had been multiple times already.  I stayed at the same hostel, knew where to grab food for cheap, and was thoroughly comfortable with my surroundings. I lazed the day away, in preparation for this next trip.

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