Barcelona, Day 3

Day three found us at Montjuic, which is a hill in Barcelona, featuring a castle, beautiful gardens, multiple museums and the 1992 Olympic Games park, among other things. I took a cable car up (the first time I had ever been one one) and the adventures began.

There aren’t that many pictures, but rest assured, we explored all day and thoroughly exhausted ourselves

I had thought, when we got back to our hostel, we would just explore the area around us that evening. But we noticed a huge crowd gathering around a giant screen.

Turns out, it was the UEFA Champions League Final (a soccer tournament).  It was Barcelona versus Manchester United, and the people were going crazy!  I have no pictures or videos, but what an exciting time to be there!  We watched the whole game surrounded by this crowd of crazy, drunk, excited people.  Every time Barcelona got a goal (three times!) they would throw whatever they were drinking in the air and cheer.  Suffice to say we were covered in beer by the time the game was over.

They did win – and we heard the celebrations in the street all night long. Sometimes you are just in the right place at the right time.

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