Barcelona, Day 2

Day 2 started with my most favourite activity: a walking tour of the Gothic Quarter!

First up was the Christopher Columbus monument. Christopher Columbus represented Spain when he left to search for the New World. His statue is supposed to be pointing to the New World, but they didn’t realize until the statue was put in its place that it was not facing the right direction. As it was too heavy and expensive to just turn around, he continues to face the wrong way.

Next, the Basílica de la Mercè. Barcelona has 32 saints, and Our Lady of Mercy is one of their main ones. Whenever there is a soccor game, the team comes to the church and prays to her for a win. And when they win they come back and thank her. And if they lose, they come back 2  (5)Plaça de George Orwell (George Orwell’s Square), ironically the first square to be under 24 hours video security.  The Spanish don’t understand why this is funny to foreigners.

barcelona 2  (7)

Barcelona Cathedral.

barcelona 2  (14)

This was unanimously voted as Barcelona’s ugliest building. It was so ugly the government  decided to make it prettier and put some art on it. Picasso had drawn some stick figures, making fun of another upcoming artist at a cafe across the street, thus they thought it would be a good idea to put his stick drawings on the building in order to make it prettier. It didn’t work.

barcelona 2  (16)
Sant Felip Neri Church. At the end of his days Gaudi lived at the Sagrada Familia. He stayed ungroomed, and only left once in a while to attend mass at this church. On his way one day he was hit by a tram (something he helped invent). No one recognized him because he looked homeless so they left him on the side of the road. Eventually he was brought to the poor people’s hospital. A few days later people started to look for him and found him there. They wanted to bring him to a better hospital, but he was all for equality and stayed where he was. Due to his decision to stay at the hospital and the people’s inability to find him sooner, he died.
barcelona 2  (20)
 The tour ended at Plaça Reial, a large square with lots of restaurants (and tourists). Still, it was a relaxing place to have a cool drink.

After a short siesta, we took to the museums.  From Picasso to contemporary art we saw it all! And had a nice wander through the beautiful streets of Barcelona.

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