Granada, Day 1

Three hours after leaving Seville, our bus arrive in Granada. Upon our arrival at the hostel, we were told that if we wanted to go to Alhambra Palace (which of course we did), we were supposed to have booked our ticket a week in advance.  They sell 6,000 tickets for each day, but fortunately for us they reserve 300 for visitors in the morning. Thus we woke up at 6:00 am and trekked our way up a mountain in order to wait in line for tickets. Though we were tired, cold and hungry, we eventually got our tickets and was allowed in.

Totally worth the wait! The palace was originally Moorish, and after a war between the Moors and the Spanish, they gave it to Spain on the condition that Spain would be religiously tolerant. King Ferdinant II of Aragon and Queen Isabella I of Castile agreed, but shortly after disregarded the clause. It took about three hours to see everything.

Since we started the day so early, we hadn’t had a chance to wander through town.  So we just wandered around (and ate lots of tapas, and had a lovely fiesta) for the rest of our day.

One of my friends was moving to Granada for a semester abroad next year, so I wanted to get a good feel for the city for her.

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