The Giant’s Causeway

From Belfast we moved on to The Giant’s Causeway.

There was once a giant named Finn McCool. Now he had heard there was a giant in Scotland. So Finn built the causeway to go visit the other giant. When he got there he saw that the other giant was bigger than him. Finn got scared and ran back to Ireland.  He told his wife of the other giant from Scotland and that he may be coming.  She came up with a plan. When they heard the other giant coming to them she dressed Finn like a baby. When the giant saw Finn as a baby, he thought that adult Finn would be massive, got scared and ran back to Scotland.  On the way back he destroyed the middle of the causeway so Finn wouldn’t follow him. That is why the giant’s causeway is shaped the way it is (for it is found on both the Irish and Scottish coast).

 The truth is the Giant’s Causeway is shaped as it is because of a volcano, but where’s the fun with that. 

Antrim Coast & the Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge


Scotland is to my left, and Ireland is behind me.

Belfast 368

The Giant’s Causeway



From the Giant’s Causeway, our group split into two.  Our tour bus was dropping my friend Claire and I off near the small town of Coleraine . The rest of our friends were going to walk  19km along the coast and meet us.  I thought they were crazy for two reasons.  One, the distance.  Two, it was a miserable day! As soon as we finished up at the causeway the heavens opened and it started to pour. It was really not a good day for a walk.

Claire and I got to the hostel just before the rain got worse, put on comfy clothes and waited by the fireplace for the rest to arrive.  To say they were not happy to see us so comfortable would be putting it mildly.


But we went out for a great dinner, and explored the town in the morning before heading back to Dublin.


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