Mont St. Michel & Omaha Beach

For our final day in Normandy, we spent a magical morning at Mont St. Michel, and ended with some time at Omaha Beach.

Mont St. Michel is a rocky tidal island in Normandy, and a truly magical place. When the tide comes in, the road connecting Mont St. Michel to the mainland is buried beneath the water at which point it becomes disconnected from the mainland!

While the island has been a strategic point in holding fortifications, it is also well known for the Saint-Michel monastery. You have to climb on top of the island to get to the monastery, which is just massive.  You don’t expect something of this size on what is literally an island for half the day. One of my favourite experiences (I tend to say that a lot, but I swear I mean it!)

France 2011 1406

Omaha Beach was really different from Juno. While there were families and children playing at both Juno and Omaha, Omaha has a lot more physical marks from the war. After climbing up the hill we found some trenches, and being up on the cliff and looking down, it wasn’t hard to picture the terror the soldier’s must have felt before rushing to shore. The cliff is very intimidating, and there is a very clear view from the top.

We made time for the Omaha War Museum, but it was disappointing after having seeing all the care put into the Juno Beach Museum (and run by Canadians).

 And with that we returned to Paris for one last night, before catching a flight out in the morning.

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