Honfleur, Trouville-sur-Mer, Caen & Juno Beach

Our second day in Normany consisted of spending time in Honfleur, Trouville-sur-Mer, Caen and ending with Juno Beach and the Canadian cemetery. It was a day of mixed emotions.

While I did not enjoy Honfleur in the pitch black the night before, it was a lovely town during the day.  Sometime during this trip I picked up a nasty cold, and of course no one spoke English in Normandy.  So I wandered to the pharmacy with my friend Kate who spoke passable French, and was given the best pills I’ve ever taken for a cold.  One of my greatest regrets is not finding out what I took. Literally the minute I took them my nose cleared and my throat stopped hurting. I could finally stop blowing my nose every minute in the car. Anyways, back to Honfleur.

France 2011 898

From Honfleur we drove to Trouville-sur-Mer. I’ve been told that this is the rich seaside town where celebrities purchase their summer homes.  Obviously, I will live here one day as well.

kate 4.jpg

It’s hard writing upside down!


And the beach had a great playground we couldn’t resist giving a try!

We didn’t stay here too long, as we had an actual city to go to! In Caen the girls and guys split, and we had a fantastic time. It’s a large, vibrant town with a ton to see! I went to a chapel, an abbey and climbed the castle walls that they have in the center of the town. This was my first real window shopping day as I walked from one side of town to the other. We didn’t have too much time here, as we had to make it to Juno Beach, but the time that was spent here was spent well.

France 2011 1044

Our last stop of the day was at Juno Beach and the Canadian Cemetery. Juno Beach was were the Canadians landed on D-Day during WWII, and was one of the most successful operations carried out on the day. This part of the day was sobering, to say the least. We stayed until the sun set and we were forced.






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