Château Gaillard, Étretat & Fécamp

After 3 full days in Paris it was time to move on … or in this case, north.  At one point in the planning process, it was suggested that we rent a car and drive around Normandy.  It took very little convincing to get everyone to agree.

There were 6 of us going, so we needed a mini-van, which we obviously named The Beast.

Kate 2

THE BEAST.  Cam and Aidan were our driver and navigator respectively.  Matt and Kate took the middle, and Janetta and I squeezed in the back.

Our first stop was Château Gaillard, otherwise known as Richard the Lionheart’s Castle. All that’s left now is in ruins, but it’s very easy to see why he choose this spot to build. It’s at the top of a hill, and you’d be able to see your enemies coming from a mile a way.


Our next stop was the town of Étretat.  It’s famous for the Elephant’s Tusk rock formation, which was absolutely one of my favourite parts of this trip. There’s a path you can walk that will take you to the other side of the tusk, and provides great close up shots, as well a view of the town.


Our third stop of the day was at Fécamp, a very cute beach town, with a wonderful beach, boardwalk and waterfall.  What isn’t to love!

kate 3

France 2011 878

From here we drove to Honfleur in the pitch black.  The problem with country roads is that there are no lights.  What should have taken no time at all took 2 hours to finally find our accommodation.  Thank god for Cam and his cool head, as we were forced to turn back in the dark on the side of a hill, where we almost got stuck.  He got us there safely, and I was most thankful not to be the driver.

There was an incident in the shower that night involving a wine bottle and a knife, but that’s all I’ll go into on that topic.


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