Paris, Day 1

Our first full day in paris started with a visit to the catacombs, and ended with a trip to the Palace of Versailles. Two very different experiences.

Paris Catacombs
The catacombs holds the remains of about 6 million people and fills a renovated section of caverns and tunnels that are the remains of Paris’ stone mines. When they first started using the mine as a tomb, they had just threw the bones and skulls anywhere.Once it became consecrated ground, the priests thought the remains should be treated better and thus they were piled as they are seen now. It was a bit disturbing to see be surrounded by human skulls and bones, so I’m okay not going back … ever.

Palace of Versailles
On the other hand, I’d love to spend a lot more time at Palace of Versailles.  From wondering around inside to exploring the grounds, there is so much to see and do.  Probably a bit too big for me to comfortably live in (probably), and at times a bit too gaudy, but perfect to see and admire.

France 2011 046

When we first got off the metro, I thought this was our destination.

France 2011 050

I then turned around and saw this. My mistake.


We eventually made it inside, where I got to take in the overwhelming amount of gold everywhere, and get my first glimpse of the grounds.

There was a throne exhibit while I was there, which was remarkable to see.

And then we made it to the grounds, with lots of time left to explore.

France 2011 271

From Versailles, we took the metro back to the city.  But as we neared the hostel, we realized this day deserved one more thing – wine!  Thankfully there was a corner store nearby that had lots available, along with cups, corkscrews, and a handy cashier who wanted to commemorate the moment.


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