And suddenly I’m home again! On the plane ride home I was definitely ready to hop on another flight and start a new adventure, but after 161 days away it will be nice to have some comforts of home again.  I’m not sure when I’ll have another trip like this, but I hope to have some smaller (but just as interesting!) trips soon – fingers crossed!



For my last day (ahhhh!) we decided to go to the seaside town of Brighton.  It was so lovely there! I can’t imagine how full it must be when the sun’s really out and it’s swimming weather, but it was just perfect for us.

We went to the beach, walked along the pier, checked out the lanes, hung out in the gardens and browsed in a bookstore.  Literally the perfect day trip to end my travels.


Today we actually went around London!  I got lottery tickets to see Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour, so our evening plans were set, and we set off to be London tourists. We’d both been London tourists before, and it was fun to revisit the sites without any pressure of having ‘must sees’. I didn’t take many photos, but it was a great day.

Warner Bros. Studio Tour & Platform 9 3/4

After a fantastic time at Cursed Child, I got to spend today exploring the Warner Bros. Studio Tour with tons of fantastic sets and props from the films. I took A LOT of pictures, but in case you don’t want to spoil yourself for a visit of your own in the future, you’ll have to click below to see them.

It was amazing, so make sure to book ahead of time if you’re going to be in London!

And non-spoiler pictures – after the tour I met Ashley in King’s Cross station, cause we had to go to platform 9 3/4.


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I spend the morning walking around London.  I heard great things about the national portrait gallery so I checked it out, and just generally kept myself busy in the city because I had big plans in the afternoon.

After more than a year of waiting, I was finally going to see Harry Potter & The Cursed Child. I’ll #keepthesecret and not spoil anything about the production, but it was the absolute best thing I’ve ever seen on stage.  When it comes to NYC, you all better go see it!



Windsor & London

This morning I left bright and early to go to Windsor.  Somehow I missed Windsor on my last trip to England, so I thought I’d check it out now.  The line was very long, but it was pretty cool to be in the castle where the Queen actually lives some of the time. I just wish you could take photos inside, especially of the seriously giant, and detailed doll house.

Since the train took me right by it, I decided to drop by the British Library.  They had a great exhibition on during my last visit, and so I thought I’d see what they had now.  It was on the Russian Revolution and was very interesting! They do such great work there.


It was starting to rain at this point, so I met up with Ashley for a low key evening.


After a many hour flight delay last night, only to find the express train in London had closed, we eventually made it to Ashley’s apartment at around 3am.  So we were exhausted this morning!  But with limited time before I had to leave for home we still wanted to fit in as much as possible.

So we went to the west end, and got matinee tickets to School of Rock! Ash had seen is many times before and raved about it, as did my family in Malta, so I knew I had to see it.  One, it was fantastic, and two, they let us take pictures of them at the end like we were at a real concert.  SO MUCH FUN.

And because we were in the theatre district, I also got to check out where I’d be in just a few short days … woo!!!!


And we also went to the House of MinaLima, which is the design team behind the Harry Potter films.  They have showrooms featuring all the graphic art they’ve designed for the films, which you can also purchase.  Usually you can just walk in yourself, but apparently on Mondays they do guided tours, so we got to learn some behind the scenes knowledge which was kinda cool.

And then we were wiped! So off we went to the apartment for an early night of binge watching, in preparation for a longer day out for me tomorrow.


I’m truly blessed by the wonderful people around me! I knew I had a university friend studying in Geneva, so I reached out to see if she’d want to meet up for drinks.  Instead she took Ashley and I around for the full day, and it was wonderful! We got to experience some local hidden gems, and had delicious cheese fondue!

For our last day in Geneva, and in fact our last day before flying to London where Ashley is living, we really decided to take things slow.  We were tired, so very tired, but still wanted to be out and enjoying the city.

So we spent a lot of time by the water, in the various parks around the city, and eating gelato, with one planned excursion to find Frankenstein’s monster.


Today was bittersweet as Ashley and I had to split from Zoe.  But we had one last hurray planned in Lausanne (…to clarify, I mean lots of gelato eating and sitting by the water).

From here Ashley and I went on to Geneva, and Zoe went back to Bern where she would spend the night before flying back home via Zurich.


Today was amazing! Zoe’s aunt and uncle have a cottage (or Swiss Chalet, if I may) in Grindewald with an amazing view of the alps.  They dropped us off at the gondola this morning, we hiked down the most picturesque mountains and had the most delicious melted cheese that you can find.

This day still feels like a dream to me – absolutely perfect. It was also the most snow I had encountered in six months, though it was still warm enough to be in t-shirt and shorts.

Here’s the view from the chalet.

When we got back to Bern that night, we met up with Zoe’s cousin who took us out to the coolest patio in town, and we also got to see the gorgeous Bern sunset.